UCB Prayerline

ucb prayerline logoWe joined UCB Prayerline in 2012 and run a satellite from The Shakespeare Centre for 2 hours every Friday. This is how UCB describes the Prayerline on their website:

UCB Prayerline is all about bringing God into the equation of your life. This confidential service is available to you whoever you are and whatever background you come from. Whatever the issues you are facing, trained Christian volunteers will take your call and pray for you and with you. You might be wondering who calls the Prayerline? Here are some examples:

• the man who is worried about losing his job
• the lady who thinks her husband might be cheating on her
• the young person who doesn’t know what to do next
• the lady who is ill and wants to ask God to make her well again
• the father who is worried about money and how it will affect his family
• the person who wants to know more about what God can do in their life.

Prayerline is not a counselling or advice service, it is about praying to God and asking for His help or even saying thank you to Him for what He has already done.

If you would like to join our team in Kendal or find out more please contact us and we’ll get you connected. There may also be one in your area you can join…or, if there’s enough people interested where you are, you can start one! Full training and equipment is provided by UCB.

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