Cumbria Prayer Net

Where it all began

Cumbria Prayer Net (CPN) was launched in 2003 and was co-ordinated from its base in Kendal by Colin & Chrissie Greaves. CPN has sponsored a number of Prayer and Praise events, Prayer Missions, Teaching Workshops, and Prayer Teams. CPN worked to encourage the development of Community Prayer Strategies with a focus upon the community. Links were also made with prayer networks and prayer houses across the nation and internationally.

As 2012 drew to a close Colin & Chrissie had sensed that now was the time to let go of CPN, entrusting to God whether it was a season end or a season change…

Continuing the legacy

Steve Weatherill, formerly Associate Minister at St Thomas’ Church Kendal for nine years, had worked with Colin & Chrissie for many years. In 2011 He and his wife Caroline founded Church Plus, a ministry focussed on transformational prayer and Kingdom living. Knowing CPN was drawing to a close Steve considered carefully whether its future should continue under the care of Church Plus. Steve felt the new year was the right time to approach Colin & Chrissie and ask them to consider Church Plus as a worthy inheritor of CPN to continue the work of encouraging networking and praying across Cumbria. Colin & Chrissie granted the request and in February 2013 the handover took place.

The future of Cumbria Prayer Net (from April 2013)

Firstly, we at Church Plus are honoured to be the new stewards of CPN! It is our privilege to serve God’s praying people and we will do our best to encourage and uphold this ministry.

What should you expect to see?

An expanded network.
Church Plus is already part of a wider network of groups, ministries and churches. We want this ministry to benefit from this broader network and we want to expand it to connect more people in prayer assignments.

A new name.
As this is an expanding network the current name is too restrictive to embrace the broader horizon. We will continue the current web address until it expires; in the meantime we will also be encouraging the use of our new name Prayer Network. This allows us the flexibility to grow and incorporate new counties…and perhaps even countries.

More information.
As you join with the wider Church Plus network you will receive information of other events and activities which will be of interest to you. You are part of a growing family!

More of the same…but different.
We want to honour and continue with the work Colin & Chrissie began, which means we will work with you and your teams/groups through workshops, seminars, assignments and so on. We hope that we will bring something new to this ministry while also affirming what has gone before.

New and familiar faces.
Some of us in Church Plus and those in our network may be new faces to you but we also continue to work with Colin & Chrissie…so you may still see them from time to time!

We do hope you find this an exciting time to be part of the evolving ministry of prayer in this area and beyond. We are well into a new season of prayer across the world and we believe we are establishing a way in which we can be part of it in this region and the UK. Stay with us, join us if you’re visiting, and together we will make a difference.

Update (from January 2014)

2014 brings a change to how the Prayer Network operates. Church Plus has a number of networks and we thought these might be better run as ONE network rather than several. We realised that there were so many overlaps between them it was hard to separate them…and it dawned on us that they shouldn’t be! So all our networks are now one, which is to the benefit of everyone. Be blessed!

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