This section replaces our former Kingdom Network website. We promote connectedness across the Body so it made sense to us that we reflect this within our own ministry!

Growing together to release heaven on earth and set the nations on fire for Jesus.

Strategies are projects and initiatives that promote prayer that is Kingdom focussed, creative in its execution and effective in its impact on our community, region or nation.

This is what Kingdom Network is all about; working in partnership as a functioning and effective body. If we can mobilise Christians in effective, Kingdom-focussed, faith-filled lifestyles we can expect to see physical, sociological and spiritual change in our nation. This means re-examining Scripture, sharpening our understanding of the Kingdom and charging our lives with faith and expectation.

This website contains resources and strategies (events and initiatives) in which you can partner or run independently. Plus you can interact with the site by leaving your comments. So do tell us of things you are doing, initiatives you are leading or attending, and testimonies you can share.

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