Church+ explores

Church Plus EXPLORES is an adventure into the realms of faith – diving into subjects and issues that might normally get missed out of our usual discussions. We won’t pretend these ‘papers’ that we publish are anything more than discussions, explorations and often incomplete journeys, but they are to stimulate our thinking, challenge our preconceptions and get into some uncomfortable or taboo subjects that we’d rather just leave somewhere out of sight.

Every now and then we’ll post a topic along with some content and a downloadable pdf version. Hopefully the language will be straightforward and the length not too long; you can engage as you like; posting comments and thinking about it yourself or even get some others debating it with you. We hope that our journeys take us to the ‘right place’ but we don’t mind making mistakes along the way. By the way, that’s our disclaimer to all that we publish! ;)

Liken it, if you want, to the yellow brick road or Willy Wonka’s boat trip, just come along for the ride and join in the adventure.

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