Where it started

At the beginning 2012 we began to sense that the Lord wanted to give us a building for ministry. The earliest it began was a year earlier when he gave us a very clear word about ministry, but it was some time later that a specific building began to emerge.

The Building.

We’re not looking just to build something new; we’re building on what has gone before – continuing the heritage from the past…re-opening a well. It was first built as a Methodist chapel in the 19th century by workers on the railway who were converted to Christianity. It was then converted into a Christian outdoor centre giving the building a large meeting, dining and kitchen spaces, and an upstairs that can accommodate about a dozen people. With the added large conservatory it is a place ready for it’s next season.

It is set in a beautiful landscape and it has a small plot of landing with building potential, and good car parking. It is in a good location with good road connections, but also remote enough to be a wonderful retreat venue.

What will it all cost?

Description Cost
The building and land: purchase and legal £240,000
Repairing and upgrading the building TBC
Rerstoring and developing the grounds TBC
New office/operations building £50,000
TOTAL £290,000
The Centre
The Centre
The Centre
The Centre

What are we asking for?


It is an invitation for participation – giving people an opportunity to sow a gift into God’s Kingdom activity on earth. The Lord has impressed it upon us that He will provide the means that would make it happen – this is what we’re believing for – and we believe He has opened the door for us to invite others to be part of this blessing.

Join us in praying

We’re praying this into being and we’d like you to join us. Pray when and wherever you can, and let us know what you believe the Lord is saying. We believe He has already given it to us – we just need to take hold of it in both heaven and on earth!

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