Cumbria Friends of Israel Inaugural Conference

Cumbria Friends of Israel

We are very excited to announce the Cumbria Friends of Israel Inaugural Conference. The purpose of this conference is to enable Christians, and others, make an appropriate response to Israel both in terms of faith and of conscience. The two key questions we are seeking to answer are;

Is Israel still Biblically significant or has it been replaced?
A response to replacement theology.

Should we stand with Israel in the current climate?
A response to the growing tension in the middle-east and the rise in anti-Semitism.

This is primarily a Christian-focussed conference but anyone of any or no faith are welcome as this will be a very informative day. There will also be worship, prayer, presentations, resources, panel discussion and a chance to connect with others.


The Lakes School in Windermere is almost central to Cumbria for travelling to, making travel from just about any part of the county not much more than an hour at most. It’s seating capacity is restricted so once booking is open you will need to get in there quick to secure your place.


Contributors: Simon Barrett (Revelation TV), Luke Akehurst (We Believe in Israel), Nigel Goodrich (COFIS) and others.

Worship: Emmanuel Christian Centre


Registration and coffee

Conference official start

Refreshments will be provided but please bring a lunch with you.

Conference official finish

The Cumbria Friends of Israel group is an independent grass-roots organisation committed to educating and promoting the truth about Israel, lobbying where necessary, holding events and advocacy training, networking with other groups, building support in the community, and praying for Israel, both as a need and as a place of Biblical and theological significance.


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